Samuele Tonon

Hello! i'm a freelance System Engineer, with high experience on Open Source platforms. My typical duties are ensuring all systems are up and running and that they provide their services at the optimal speed while avoiding bugs, hardware failures, misconfigurations, and malicious attacks.
English: I'm the guy you call when you servers keep crashing and you don't know why
If you need me, you can contact me:samu (at)


I started working on Open Source platforms in 1998 while still studying for my BS in Computer Science.
I have used many linux distribution starting from Slackware to RedHat, Centos, Mandriva, Yellow Dog, Debian and Ubuntu, and using them on lots of system, from desktop to servers, to old imac and finally to embedded devices like ipaq handheld.
At the moment i am focused on providing the best system and architecture for common web scenarios where you need to give the maximum performance while ensuring some security and preserving company investments


These are some the tools i installed and configured on some of my clients i highly recommend them


Zabbix is a monitoring solution that i've been using on many clients; i highly recommend it because it's quite easy to setup and it has graphic capabilities that lets you combine you different services while looking what is going on in your datacenter


Varnish is a web application accellerator that let's you speed up your web content. Usually you put it behind a firewall or a load balancer and before your web application to ligthen the number or requests to your app server.


Nginx is a web server that has shown to be fast and stable when you need to serve millions of users with static and dinamic content due to the fact that it is well written and highly optimized.


Haproxy is a TCP/HTTP Load balancer built to be reliable and highly optimized. While Haproxy is software, his speed is at the same level of most high end hardware load balancers but his configuration let you be able to adapt to the real needs.


During my free time i started doing some apps to help you monitor and solve common problem.
I love developing in Python because it's a verbose language that helps you debug and undestand quite easily what you are doing and don't loose focus on the whole problem you are trying to solve.


Using Pyramid and d3js i built a small utility to scan a directory tree and see how much space is allocated. This is quite useful when you have big disk and du -s * simply takes too much time

HaProxy Checker

Using Django, flot, rsyslog and ElastiSearch i've built a simple web page to see what are the most used domains behind your haproxy.
Here's a more detailed document on what i did and why.


Wpt is a simple Web Page Tester using selenium and har proxy, it is still in alpha stage therefore is not available at the moment

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